About Shrushti Royal Hospitality

Shrushti’s core strengths has always been about enriching lives and making it more meaningful. Shrushti believes in leaving the place it touches better that what it was. Making this sentiment a reality Shrushti has taken its first step towards expanding in Hospitality Domain. Shrushti has built up family resort named Royal County at Prodattur.

Royal County wishes to touch lives of Rayalseema people by bringing about holistic wellness and serenity in their lives by reducing stress and strains that effect quality of life.

Amongst entire Kadapa district Prodattur was chosen for creating this family holistic resort. Proddatur is the second largest town and an urban agglomeration in Kadapa district of Andhra Pradesh state in India. The town is referred to as the “Second Bombay” because of the volume of gold and cotton business that happens there and as “Second Mysore” because of the grand Dasara festival celebrations. Dasara (Vijayadashami) is a special festival here with over a lakh of people visiting the town to witness the celebrations. This place has major industries and educational institutes that make perfect commercial – residential preference.

Day to Day living is becoming tougher filled with struggle at various levels. Though we all are progressing monetarily forward and climbing ladders of success and achieving high profile career, gaining material wealth, we are all getting this at a cost. This cost is neglecting health which can be mental, emotional and physical. Though the average life span of the human being has prolonged, however the quality of the health and life is deteriorating considerably and consistently. Medicine has progressed significantly to relieve the human beings of the diseases manifested, what needs to be addressed is the root cause causing all the diseases. The root cause of all the diseases is “STRESS”.

Royal County is created Wellness Centre in Prodattur which bring about a harmony and sense of balance and well-being in the lives of Rayalseema people. Royal County is concerned not only with entertainment business alone, its a wellness destination created for the common people to able to relax and recreate in the day to day life. In the entire belt of Prodattur, there is not a single place where people can go with complete family and spend a day peacefully and in relaxed environment. Key Highlights that will contribute towards the well-being and recreation of common man.